Tips For Relaxing on your Wedding Day!

Tips For Relaxing on your Wedding Day!

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“Just relax and take in everything happening around you!”  This is one of the most common pieces of advice we hear given to couples in the moments leading up to their wedding.

With wedding season upon us and so many of our couples about to experience the “big day”, I figured it was the perfect time to share tips we have seen and experienced first hand on how to relax and truly enjoy your wedding day.

So, how do you “just relax” when so much time and energy has gone into preparing for this iconic moment in your relationship?

1) You are surrounded by your support system.  Whether it is your family, your friends, or even just your significant other, every one who supports you and your decisions in life is there to support you on the big day.  With so much support behind you, let go of some of the last minute decisions and duties that need to be done leading up to the “I do’s”.  There is a lot of power in being able to delegate.  You have surrounded yourself with people you trust for a reason… trust them.

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2) Get started early.  Being late or running behind will cause unnecessary stress.  If you are unsure how much time you will need, ask the people around you.  If you are the first in your “crew” to be married, remember you still have experts surrounding you.  You have hired wedding professionals for a reason.  Leverage their experience to help create a stress-free day.

3) Have a drink.  Don’t be afraid to have a drink in the morning while you are getting ready.  Mimosas anyone?  Just be cautious not to let one drink turn into three or four.  You do want to be able to stand un-aided at the altar, right?

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4) Be prepared.  Plan ahead and be ready for last minute changes.  If you have prepared yourself, then it will be that much easier to react to eleventh hour adjustments.

a. Start the day well rested.  I know it will be nearly impossible to sleep with all that excitement boiling over inside you.  It may also be a challenge to head off to bed with all your family and friends in town.  But, you will appreciate it the next day if you get your normal amount of rest.  Try some camomile tea or lavender aromatherapy to ease your mind.  Know that all your family and friends are here for your wedding, so they will still be around the next day.

b. Pack ahead of time.  I never do it either, but this one time needs to be an exception.  You will have plenty to do and if you are just packed and ready to go, whether it is just one night or you are headed on your honeymoon.

c. Know your timeline.  Even if you don’t have a wedding planner, make sure you put together a timeline for the entire day.  Even a loose guideline of what needs to be accomplished will ease your mind.

5) Eat.  Make sure you eat something.  It doesn’t need to be a whole meal, snacks are fine.  Even just a fruit or vegetable platter to graze throughout the day can make a HUGE difference.  Most people, both of us included, can get really crabby without food in our system.  When groups of people are crabby, stress can get out of hand FAST!  So, no matter how snug the dress or how tight the clasp on your slacks, please take a moment to feed yourself.

Even if you can only do a few of these things, every little bit helps.  Everyone will appreciate it if both of you are relaxed on your wedding day.

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