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We're a kickass husband + wife photography team providing a fun, relaxed wedding experience that celebrates YOU and your unique adventure.

You found your soulmate and now you're getting married! Of course you want GREAT photos (who doesn't?!), but you hate that awkward 'what the heck am I doing, where do I put my hands' feeling. We get it!

We are EMMA + Josh.
2 hearts with a whole lotta love, a dash of sarcasm + positive laid back vibes.

We are EMMA + Josh. 2 hearts with a whole lotta love, a dash of sarcasm + positive laid back vibes.

Serving Southern California

Ventura County Wedding Photographers

We're here to put you at ease, make you laugh, and most of all make you feel like yourselves. Need help posing? You got it. Need someone to make sure hair isn’t in your face? You got it. Need a cheesy joke to make you laugh? We're on it!

At the end of the day just know that we will be your biggest supporters that go above and beyond to create a fun, stress free photo experience. 

The best thing about hiring a husband and wife team is that we have been where you are. Knowing what we know now after planning a wedding of our own is just one of the many reasons why we go above and beyond to provide an exceptional photography experience.

You'll spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you will anyone else. Because of this we aim to create a real connection and get to know who you are as a couple. We want you to be able to trust in us, feel at ease with us, and to say" I'd totally hang out with them!!"  

Black Lives Matter • Love is Love • science is real• Women's Rights are Human Rights • we are all immigrants. Kindness is Everything.

Love is Love.
Science is real.
Women's Rights are Human Rights.
We are all immigrants.
Kindness is Everything.

We believe:

“Emma + Josh are 

amazing photographers!

My husband was initially not about taking engagement photos (surprise surprise!), but E+J were very welcoming and funny which had him smiling the whole time. The moments they captured at the wedding are such a treat to look back on and we look forward to maternity photos with them when the time comes!

Courtney and Justin | Moorpark, California

“Emma + Josh were 


They really felt like old friends, which is exactly what you want on one of the most emotionally charged days of your life. Although, we can’t actually hop in a DeLorean, the photos we’re left with, will help us joyfully relive it for years to come. Your wedding photos are ones you should treasure for the rest of your life and thanks to Emma + Josh, we will."

Meaghan + Cannon | Camarillo, CA

"Invite the 

fun photographers

to your wedding!

Emma + Josh not only provided us with AMAZING photos but were also such a joy to have during our wedding. They made it super easy to be comfortable in front of them - we were nervous that it would be awkward but Emma and Josh made it so fun that I was sort of bummed when the session ended. Thank you guys!"

Carolyn + Cody | Calabasas, California

Meaghan + Cannon

Shauna + Nicholas

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on the blog


Getting married at a family home can be very special. A setting already full of so many memories can take a wedding day to the next level and this celebration in Thousand Oaks definitely was full of memorable moments.

There has been a recurring trend lately of our newlyweds having stories of meeting multiple times before the timing was right and they began dating. This Spanish Hills Country Club wedding was perhaps one of the best versions of this trend.

We accept a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that all of our clients get an amazing experience with us. If you are looking for husband and wife wedding photographers to capture those real moments, we would love to sit down and chat.

Contact us today to learn more and let's get this party started! 

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