Chalk Shot Photo Booth

Featured Wedding Professional: Chalk Shot

Featured Wedding Professional: Chalk Shot

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Chalk Shot Photo Booth

We recently attended a wedding where they had something fun and new for all the guests to do.

A photo booth.

I know what you are thinking… fun, yes, but new?  Photo booths have been around for a while and are loads of fun.  So many options to choose from… prints, strips, digital files.  And don’t get me started on all the prop ideas!  It seems like these things are at every event you go to these days, not just weddings.

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what you were thinking, but I’m sure it was something along those lines.

But… I said fun AND NEW!  The photo booth we saw was unlike anything we had seen before.

In this modern world of custom and unique, it seems like every event, especially wedding, is unique in its own way.  Whether it is the styling venturing away from what’s trendy or even forgoing an isolated wedding cake to partake in a dessert bar full of sweet treats!  This “photo booth” is exactly what someone looking for custom and unique would expect.

So, after the wedding I had to ask Kasey at Chalk Shot a few questions about her and Royal’s one-of-a-kind business.

E+J: How did you two meet?
Kasey: Royal and I met through a mutual friend six or seven years ago. I don’t think either of us remember when or where we actually met… chances are it was at an event or party.

E+J: How do you describe what you do?
Kasey: An interactive and personalized photo experience derived from custom chalkboard art.

E+J: How did you come up with the idea?
Kasey: It occurred very organically. My boyfriend threw me a 30th birthday party at my mom’s house, and I wanted to capture the occasion with fun photos. I didn’t want to have a formal photographer roaming around, so I decided to make, and personalize, an 8 x 8 ft chalkboard backdrop using my chalk-ink pens. Originally I was just going to have my guests take their own pictures in front of the chalkboard, but Royal, having been my friend forever, set up his camera and took photos. It was such a hit. The pictures turned out so great that our friends used them for their social media profiles, which I guess got the word out, because from there on out people started reaching out to us for their events. Within a few months of my birthday party we booked the Golden Globes and, since then, we’ve turned CHALK SHOT into an actual business.

E+J: What do you love most about what you do?
Kasey: Royal and I both get to do what we love and make people happy at the same time. Each client and event is different, so the artwork and shoot is never the same, which is awesome. We will do a wedding, Bar Mitzvah and graduation party all in the same week, so we are able to stretch our creative reach all the time. The energy and art is always different. What is always the same, however, is the fun and joy people get out of taking CHALK SHOT photos, and that’s a very rewarding feeling for us.

E+J: How do you create the backdrop for each client?
Kasey: I have an initial consultation with the client to get a better feel of what they want and their personal style. We discuss what words and images they want, what looks they are going for, etc. If available, I have the client send me their vision board so I can better understand the event’s atmosphere and colors. Based on that, I send the client a sketch and we iron out the final board design. Once the art is approved, I draw the design directly on the 8 x8 ft chalkboard.

E+J: How do clients typically respond to the custom work?
Kasey: They love it. Or at least, thats what I gather from their reaction and what they tell me! It’s a very personal experience, not just because the board and art is handmade and customized specifically for them, but because they had a part in creating it. It’s not just my design – they gave me their creative input, and the photos serve as everlasting memories of all the fun that was had on that day. Plus, I think our clients really understand and appreciate how custom their shoot is. It’s not a green screen or typical photo booth experience. Hours of time and love are put into their board days before their event even takes place.

E+J: What all do you provide for your clients?
Kasey: Our services include an art consultation, a draft of backdrop art, a handmade and personalized chalkboard backdrop and garland, themed props, a professional photographer, photos printed on-site, free downloads of high resolution photos, a Coffee Table Book of photo highlights, and a fun and stress-free CHALK SHOT team with the mere desire of adding some joy to your event and capturing lasting memories for years to come.

E+J: Where can people go to learn more?
Kasey: and our Facebook Page.

E+J: Having a shared passion for a great vanilla latte, where is your favorite place to get one?
Kasey: Aeirloom Bakery in Toluca Lake, CA. Which is where I am right now!


Thank you Kasey and Royal for sharing what you do with us.  It is awesome to see creative people doing what comes naturally and succeeding.  Keep up the great work and I KNOW we will see you at another event soon!


Here are a few photos we took of these two in action. And of course, we couldn’t resist taking a few shots as well!

Photos Courtesy of Chalk Shot



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