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Around the World in a Garden | Tara + Jason Engagement Photos

Around the World in a Garden | Tara + Jason Engagement Photos

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It has been quite a while since our last post.  We have been closing out wedding season 2014 and catching up on family time.  Luckily, there are lots of exciting new things coming soon!!! In the meantime, we want to share a little workplace romance.

While working together at a neighborhood hardware store, Tara and Jason didn’t just meet… they fell in love.

They say opposites attract and they certainly do… but I think these two have a lot more in common than they realize.  They describe each other as Smart, Selfless, Caring, Beautiful, and Loving and Brave, Level Headed, Strong, Brilliant and Creative.  I see A LOT of similarities here.  Maybe its just that these two have shared beliefs that unite them and they admire and love the things they don’t share… just like Emma and myself!

I was enamoured with their proposal story.  Growing up in Southern California, I knew a lot of people that had never seen snow falling just like Tara.  Luckily, I spent enough time in the mountains and lived in the Northwest for a short time so I developed a true appreciation for the quiet beauty of snowfall.

I could not have told their story any better than Jason did, so here it is in his words…

“Tara has never seen the snow fall.  I have taken her to the snow (Tahoe and the local mountains) however, she never physically saw snow fall to the ground.  So, when I felt it was time to propose, I went and got the ring and then actually held onto it for a good month before the weather forecasted snow in Mammoth.  When I saw that it was a definite chance of snow, I basically threw together a “honey let’s get away” weekend and we immediately packed up some things and booked a room in Mammoth.  I had planned to wait for nightfall because the village at Mammoth is really breathtaking with all the lights but I couldn’t wait any longer so as the snow was really coming down I set my phone on a timer and told Tara that it was taking a picture however it was recording a video.  I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me….she was blown away and completely caught off guard.  She said yes and we kissed under the falling snow.”

Personally, I LOVE the planned spontaneity of this proposal.  While we couldn’t capture this moment, or even replicate it here in the Los Angeles area, we did find a beautiful location at Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks.  As Ventura County wedding photographers, we know we are spoiled with gorgeous locations and amazing light just like this… but we would have so much fun taking photos of a couple in love in a snowy winter setting.

Check out Tara and Jason’s engagement photos below.

Ventura County Engagement PhotosVentura County Engagement PhotosVentura County Engagement PhotosVentura County Engagement Photos


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