Spanish Hills Country Club - Meaghan + Cannon
Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding Photos

Spanish Hills Country Club – Meaghan + Cannon

Spanish Hills Country Club – Meaghan + Cannon

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Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding Photos

There has been a recurring trend lately of our newlyweds having stories of meeting multiple times before the timing was right and they actually began dating. This Spanish Hills Country Club wedding was perhaps one of the best versions of this trend.

Meaghan and Cannon officially met for the first time on Tinder, although they never actually met in person. Then a year later, Meaghan was looking for a new place and Cannon was looking for a new roommate. Their paths crossed again with this mutually beneficial set of circumstances. Then after already living together, they began dating and set into motion everything that had to happen for them to be surrounded by family and friends at Spanish Hills Country Club on this amazing day.

One of our favorite moments from their proposal story was simply the words Cannon used to actually “pop the question.” It just perfectly sums up Cannon’s sense of humor. “Will you do life with me?” How could you not just laugh and immediately say yes… spoiler alert…. Meaghan said yes.

At every wedding, something doesn’t go exactly as planned. For Meaghan and Cannon, this something was completely out of their hands. Cannon’s dad became ill close to the wedding day and was unable to travel to California for the big day. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where technology could provide a bit of help. His father was able to FaceTime during the ceremony and virtually be there for the whole thing.

This entire day was SO much fun. It is truly amazing that we get have fun and joke with our couples like we are all old friends. We are so lucky to have such an amazing family of previous couples and Meaghan and Cannon are the perfect addition to our family.

Enjoy Meaghan and Cannon’s Spanish Hills Country Club wedding photos.

Venue – Spanish Hills Country Club

Coordinator – Bella Dia

Florist – Yamaguchi Nursery

DJ – DJ Sota

Dessert – Sweet Arleen’s

Hair & Makeup – Jana & Co.

Menswear – Indochino

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