How can a group of people change the world? |Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

How can a group of people change the world? |Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

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I honestly didn’t think that meeting a group of people and being around them for 3 days would impact my life the way it has.   Let me start at the beginning….
Josh and I received an invite to join up with the Showit Team at Jalama Canyon Ranch in Santa Barbara.   We were still in Seattle at the time but knew no matter what we would go, especially since we were planning on relocating to L.A. a month beforehand.  We found out these invites had gone out to other SHARE Group leaders (sherpas) if you will and other Showit users who were a big part of the community.

When the time came, we actually couldn’t both go, which really upset me.  I knew Josh was a HUGE part of Showit, and for him to not go was making me super sad… but he wanted me to go, because he thought it would be a great opportunity for me.  For those that don’t know, and this is something I have spoken about before, I am very anxious when meeting people I dont know.  I have gotten much better having gone to WPPI for 4 years, but it is still there, that nagging thought in the back of my mind. (what are they thinking, will they like me, what are they saying about me) Maybe it’s from the high school years,  but I have always been VERY self conscious, even though I can often come off as very “I don’t give a crap.”  I actually do, and I over analyze things.  ANYWAY… so I decided I would go.  I did truly miss Josh though and people would ask me, “so next time he is going no matter what?”

I had made online friendships with many of these people already through skype and our online community and had met a few in person already.  Then the other anxiety… we were at a RANCH… and I don’t camp.  I am not a camper.  I am not outdoorsy.  I much prefer to sit in a hotel room with a comfy bed and a bubble bath and be able to order room service.  The thought of being in a cabin outside… yeah scary.

However I am happy to say I made it through… I slept in the cabin for 2 nights and abandoned it the 3rd night to sleep in the MAIN cabin on the couch… (I saw a mouse dropping in our cabin, yeh i know… suck it up Emma… oh well)  I used an OUTDOOR shower which was AMAZEBALLS!!!  I even walked around with people seeing me before I had makeup on… HUGE STEPS for me.

What happened in these 3 days was more than just realizing I wouldn’t get mauled by a bear outside. (although I did have 2 kittens climbing over me and attacking my fingers)  It really changed my outlook and perspective on SO SO SO much.   These people whom I spent 3 days with changed ME and they probably don’t even realize it.  Listening to their heartfelt stories, their passion for photography, and their passion for helping others… what I saw was unconditional love for people they do not know, for businesses they do not run, but a true desire to help everyone!   It touched me deeply.

It was great to be around David Jay, Andrew, and Kevin and see their reactions to the people who are literally going to set the pathway for other showiteers to spread the love and their knowledge.   Other Showit studs Todd, who put the tent up the fastest, and Brett also were around a bit to spread the Showit love and show us some great new PASS stuff.  Oh and we can’t leave out Showit Superwoman Jenny!!!!! (without whom I wouldn’t have gotten a custom lunch with my name and a heart written on it)

Jasmine Star and J.D. popped by for a day and sat in our brainstorming and hung out for the day which was great.  Better yet was seeing the GINORMOUS smile on Julie’s face.  Her idol, someone she looked up to and admired, was right there in person.  That was great to see that happen!  Not that all of us were not thrilled, but Julie was on another level.

We also spent time playing Boce Ball, wine tasting at Sunstone Winery (the Merlot was my favorite, although I prefer sweeter white wines), visiting Solvang (yummy Danish food and treats and a ginormous candy store), making smores (with marshmallows so big, you could use them for a pillow), a beach visit (actually saw a dolphin super close to shore), and having an incredibly fun dance party with sounds provided by a Suburban (who dropped it like it was hot? What what!!!)

Here are amazing photos taken by various Showiteers to document these 3 days…

 It doesn’t get much more Gangsta than this!!

This was the cabin that housed Shannon, Sarah, Lindsay and I.   

This was at Sunstone Winery, clearly I look incredibly interested.
I took this photo trying to focus on the glass. Instead I managed to fit Julie into the glass perfectly… awesome! 🙂
This was the most beautiful Tuscan Villa.  I WILL be shooting here!  
DJ wanted to do an ice-breaker so we all could get to know each other a bit more.  He had no idea it would be SO much more than that.  Tears, laughter, joy and really understanding where people’s hearts were.
Trevor caught this shot of me smiling!  I was so nervous when I was talking, I don’t even remember what I said. I just worried I would sound like a crazy person.
Love this shot of the group.  Kevin sure had some fun with his wine…..

Jasmine and J.D. dropped by to spend the day with us.  We brainstormed on how as a group we could help other Showiteers and other people in general.  So many wonderful ideas were tossed around.  I was truly in awe.

Our group went to Solvang and got Jenny some flowers for being a Showit Superwoman!!!   We <3 you Jenny!A group of us went to the Beach one evening.  It was pretty amazing.  I left my camera because I am a dork.  Luckily Shannon, Trevor, Jenna and Lindsay had theirs.  Thanks girls and Trevor and Josh and Todd for snapping some for everyone.
JUMP!!!! I look like I am doing on crack version of a jumping jack?   (FYI, this is why I was never a cheerleader)
I love this shot of Lindsay, Sarah and I!!!
Photobombing Lindsay
Here we are again!!!
We look like we are re-creating the 90210 opening!  What a fun bunch of peeps!!
Sarah, Todd, Me, Shannon, Josh, Trevor,Lindsay and Jenna! 

I kid you not, Karen and I found this while walking together, up around the campgrounds.  Karen braved rattlesnake infested bushes to grab it, while I followed her… panicking. 
Typically, I would not pick up nor want to walk around with dead animal skulls (it makes me sad and kinda grosses me out) but it was cool too and well… yeah.

So, we wanted a dance party and the main cabin was super small.  So we went outside, turned on the Suburban and blasted some music.
I might have had a drink… so I wasn’t so self conscious.  

How low can you go?

I have no words, what are we doing?  Cabin buddies Sarah, Lindsay, me and Shannon.
We jumped off, I could have posted the photos in order but decided just this one would say enough.

What a great group of women!! I think we were missing Krisd and Jenna though 🙁

Stacey, Shannon, Lindsay, me, Joy, Lauren, Karen, Sarah and Jackie
Add in Trevor, Isaac and Andrew and its all GQ!!!
Ok, our intention was to mimic a face that Eugene Brown always makes.  I just look like… well… it didn’t work.
Trevor likes to dance and show off his skills!!

I should have taken individual photos with everyone, I’m sad about that.  However this is Karen and she has helped me in so many ways.  The talk we had was a game changer for me!  I love Karen and her Husband Isaac is amazing!  Very happy to call them my friends.I have met Jasmine a few times now, I sent her a video when she was on CreativeLive… “the crickets”.   I really respect the way she runs her business and the way she breaks it all down!   I also got to talk to J.D. and it really opened my eyes on a few things!

The end is always the worse part and we were the first group to leave.  We went to lunch in Santa Barbara.  I really love Andrew, he has the most genuine heart and compassion for people.  He is engaged to a fun, gorgeous , loving gal named Kimmy, whom I also adore. 
I am so glad we moved closer, because Santa Barbara is only 90 minutes away.  So, we intend to get together again soon!!! YAY! 

Another photo of me smiling? What has happened to me? HAHA!!!  I think this sums up how I felt about my entire trip and the FUTURE!!!



Thank you DJ, Todd, Kevin, Brett, Jenny, Andrew, Kimmy, Jasmine, JD, Josh, Trevor, Karen, Isaac, Lauren, Joy, Stacey,Jackie, Jenna, Sarah, Krisd, Lindsay, Shannon, David, Keith, and Julie.  Thank you for being amazing people in your own way, for teaching me, for inspiring me, and for providing me with friendship that will last forever!  Wolfpack out.



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