Who are those wild and crazy kids anyway? | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

Who are those wild and crazy kids anyway? | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

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Ok, so we might not be kids, although we have kids, and we might sometimes act like kids. ¬†ūüôā

We are wedding photographers, but we are more then that, which if you have been to our website¬†you might have seen by watching our promo video and reading our About Us section. ¬†(if you havent been, now would be a good time… haha just kidding… maybe, maybe not)

So, to give you some more information into our secret (ok not so secret) lives, I am going to answer some questions you might be thinking… ready… grab some jujubes… here we go…

1. Didn’t you live in Seattle, a lot of your weddings are from that area, not from L.A.?

You are correct, we started our business in Seattle and recently moved BACK (we only lived there for 6 years) to the LA area which is where we both spent most of our lives.  We are anxious to start shooting and showcasing gorgeous LA/O.C./ and Ventura County weddings.  So, please give us a CALL, then you can be the next addition to the emma jane photography family.

2. You both look super amazingly young ¬†and so FUN in your photos… what’s the secret?

Oh, thank you so much, you are too kind! ¬†We charge for that information, it’s top secret… however if you book your wedding with us, we¬†guarantee¬†your photos will reflect a fun, vibrant and young look too… ¬†ūüėČ

3. What the heck are Jujubes?

I strongly suggest going to a CVS/RITE AID near you, hitting up the candy aisle and buying a green box of ¬†goodness… you will either love them or hate them, and i take no responsibility for the latter.

4.Your tag line is Fashionably Romantic photography for the Contemporary Couple, what does that even mean?

It’s a cute tag line, yes? ¬†I love fashion and it heavily influences the way I see things, so I love creating images that have a fashion flair to them. ¬†Romantic… all weddings are romantic and if you look through my images you will see a lot of my images capture that certain romantic element… an emotional embrace or a romantic kiss… Contemporary… basically a cooler¬†sounding¬†word then modern… couples that are familiar with¬†today’s¬†trends, today’s pop culture… now, if your having a 1920’s flapper themed wedding, that¬†doesn’t¬†mean I¬†don’t¬†want to capture that… heck I’d put on a flapper dress and join you! ¬† ūüėČ ¬† ¬†I think you guys know what couple means right? ¬†2 people in love, together, forever…

5. You sure use an abundance of ……. what’s up with that?

Seriously it is a habit I am unable to break…… ¬†ūüėõ ¬† I promise not to use any at the wedding! ¬†ūüôā

6. You mention you travel on your website (if you¬†haven’t¬†been to the website, again… get going, but come back!)

We do, we are not at all against shooting weddings in Hawaii, New York, Italy, Greece, etc… We just need fair warning so we can get our passports in order and such. ¬†No, but really, we would love to go on a destination wedding with you. ¬†Travel costs will incur, but having us hang out with you, what more could you ask for.

7. Why weddings, what did you used to do?

Honestly, I started off photographing families and children, but it¬†wasn’t¬†my passion. ¬† When I got my first taste of weddings, then of fashion, the ideas ran through my brain¬†and I¬†knew¬†this was what i wanted to focus on. ¬†Did i pick up a camera at the age of 5 and know this was my calling, no… while I do have a photo of me at about 5 in my underwear holding one of those¬†rectangular¬†cameras with a flash bulb on the top, I assure you, I was no Herb Ritts back then. LOL ¬†I debated posting the picture but i¬†didn’t¬†feel like photoshopping pants onto myself. ¬† ūüôā
Before that, i worked in mostly Guest Service related jobs. ¬†When we moved to Seattle, I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home with the kids, while we grew the business. ¬†Now, being in L.A. and it being LA, I also work¬†part¬†time for a wedding florist… My Wedding Blooms. ¬†If you do need a wedding florist, I assure you Kerim is the go to guy. ¬†He in fact did my flowers at my wedding and now he can’t get rid of me! ¬† Go check out his website, and no… I¬†don’t¬†get a kickback or bonus for referring… that’s what people who believe in each other’s businesses do… refer from the heart not the checkbook! ¬†Josh is working full time right now, as a manager for an¬†amazingly¬†yummy¬†restaurant¬†called ROSTI in Calabasas. ¬†When we are in the big time, booking celebrity weddings, you can say you knew us when… just kidding. (maybe)

8.  Is your dog really on Prozac?

Yes she is.  She is a husky/border collie mix and has extreme separation anxiety.  We love and adore her and if you follow me on Instagram (emma) I am often posting photos of her (as well as my kids and other random things)

9. How many more questions are you going to ask?

I am not asking them, you guys are… wait… aren’t you…


So there ya go, a bit more about us in a nutshell. ¬†Hopefully you learned and enjoyed and are now going to fill out the contact form so you can book us for your wedding! ¬† We are truly happy you took the time to read all of this! ¬† Hope to hear from you very soon! ¬†I’m off to go watch some mindless TV!

and because a post is much better with photos.. here are some other shots from our photoshoot in Seattle with the wonderfully splendid Latasha Haynes Photography.

~Have an awesome week  <3  Emma

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