Pinterest. Are you one of the cool kids?

Pinterest. Are you one of the cool kids?

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About 9 months ago I was hearing some fellow wedding professionals talk about pinterest. Wanting to know what everyone was buzzing about I took a look. I saw a page of random photos and had NO idea what the point was. Still, i couldn’t be left out, and asked for an invite. I literally did nothing with it for 2 weeks. I decided to actually delve into it after that and WHOA.. I finally saw the brillance of what I could do.. make boards for so many different things.. I cant begin to tell you how many boards I named and renamed and changed…
I can tell you since then I have over 50 boards…. and use them for things such as personal inspiration, Photoshoot concept inspiration, and share with my brides so they can share their concept,s visions and just about anything with me.
I could go on and on, but I figured I would film my very first VIDEO BLOG and share it that way. So my new friend and fellow photographer Josh Saran of Josh Marshall Photography who I met through our showiteer group. ( showiteer being a SHOWIT user)… and he offered to come over and film it… OH WHAT FUN.. I generally dislike being on film but we had a blast and I made sure I was having a good hair day ( I think).

I sound like a complete dork but please enjoy my video blog and let me know if you like it and want to see more and what topics you want to see me talk about.


P.s This video is now a few months old …. i am now not in Seattle, but L.A… but I do miss my cute little office cubby area.. haha

Special thanks to Josh Saran of Josh Marshall Photography for filming and editing this for me!
P.s its

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