Our trip to Atlanta

Our trip to Atlanta

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We love weddings and we love travelling.  When we get to travel for a wedding it is even more awesome!  That is why we make it super easy for our clients so they don’t have to worry about fluctuating destination costs.  Earlier this month, we got to go to Atlanta for Stephanie and Brian’s wedding at the Gardens at Great Oaks.

We usually try to spend some extra time in cities when we travel there for weddings.  We have been to New York twice (always one of our favorites) and headed to Vancouver BC earlier this year.  But, travelling to the South was a first for both of us.  We went to Walt Disney World two years ago, but to us that wasn’t really the South.  So as we planned our trip to Atlanta, we asked around for some must see/do activities.

When we arrived we headed for Roswell, the location of the wedding.  The cities outside Atlanta were really some of the best and Roswell was one of the highlights.  One of the little secret things that we enjoy doing is going to local grocery stores and seeing what communities really have to show.  There have been some EPIC stores and some that didn’t quite live up to the hype.  So far, Wegmans in Ithaca has been the most impressive.  I know, grocery stores, how exciting… but they really do tell you a lot about a community.

The best parts of Roswell had to be the food.  The food here was GREAT!  Overall, the food in Atlanta was phenomenal, but Roswell really took it to another level.  We thought we had eaten fried chicken before, but it was nothing like this. The rehearsal dinner was provided by Greenwood’s On Green Street (Stephanie’s favorite) and we could’ve eaten here twice a day every day we were here.  But, they were closed Monday and Tuesday forcing us to make sure everywhere else was almost as delicious.

While we were in Atlanta, we made sure to check out the touristy stuff.  Centennial Olympic Park and World of Coca-Cola were great, but being in Los Angeles we have seen LOTS of tourist attractions.  The one that stood out here was Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.  Having recently watched Selma, it was moving to see history in real life.  Hearing stories from his life, walking around in Ebenezer Baptist Church, and seeing the home he grew up in made it all so much more real than just reading in books or watching a movie.

With all the usual stuff behind us, we decided to do something a little more unique to us.  We love movies and television and a lot of productions film in and around Atlanta.  We love The Walking Dead and Emma is kind of obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and now The Originals.  We looked into doing some tours and decided to feed into Emma’s obsessions since they were actually filming and we had a slight chance of seeing something in action.  Next time we are there, we will have to take the driving tour of all the Walking Dead sites.  But, this time we headed to Covington, “Hollywood of the South”.  We figured that was perfect for us coming from the real Hollywood.  We got to see all the memorable spots that any fan of the the show would’ve been jealous of and even got to wander the property of Lockwood Mansion on a local tour.  Then we headed to Conyers, home of The Originals and were lucky enough to actually see them filming scenes from the upcoming season.


Obviously the food really made an impression on us, but the biggest impression was made by the real southern hospitality.  Everyone hears all about it, but we can tell you it is real.  Especially in the small towns that surround Atlanta, the people were genuinely caring and engaging.

Here are just a few photos of some of the sights we saw.


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