Emma + Josh's Maroon 5 Concert Photos and review
Maroon 5 Staples Center- Adam Levine

Emma + Josh ‘s Maroon 5 Concert Photos and review

Emma + Josh ‘s Maroon 5 Concert Photos and review

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Maroon 5 Staples Center- Adam Levine

Maroon 5- Adam Levine.. enough said.  I have been a huge fan of the band since WAY back when, falling in love with some of the unknown tracks people probably have never heard of.. “How, Runaway” etc..   I have watched The Voice since day #1 and always been a fan of Team Adam.  I really feel that Adam has the finger on the pulse of what America needs musically.  Of course many out there disagree which is fine, but thats my opinion.  In October Josh surprised me with tickets to their small and intimate show at The Orpheum by grabbing them off craigslist…  sadly they were counterfeit and MANY MANY tears and expletives were used that night.  Luckily they felt bad and about 30 minutes into the show we got in and were able to see about 40 minutes.   Not nearly enough show for me, so when they announced their North American tour…. I bought tickets right away..  I am not usually a PIT person.. having been to many shows at the Universal ( now Gibson Amphitheater)  but I wanted to be up close and personal so through the fan club early pre-sale I snagged 2.  Of course the show wasn’t until March and I wanted to see them sooner.. when they announced a Vegas show in December.. I bought them with no hesitation.. Merry Christmas to me… and we went.  AWESOME…. more then AWESOME.  I could not wait for the L.A show.

So without further ado here is Emma + Josh’s Maroon 5 concert photos and review!!!!
The day of I was excited, but worried.  I was worried that I would get trampled on my way to the pit to get a good spot.. worried about standing for 3 hours, worried about EVERYTHING.   We arrived early taking the metro ( saved time on Friday afternoon in rush hour traffic) got our wristbands for PIT B at about 5:45pm and stood in front of the doors were only about 10 other people were.   Doors however dont open till 7pm and I HATE waiting.. so I was antsy and anxious.  Plus I was hungry… but I figured I could grab a pretzel inside.  When they finally opened the doors, I rushed and I mean RUSHED to the entrance where the pit access was and pretty much RAN down to grab a spot.. there was only another couple in there and I grabbed a great spot next to the stage.. IWASTHISCLOSE it was pretty insane.   Sadly there was no eating or drinking in the pit and I wasn’t about to lose my spot.. oh HECK NO.   What I really LOVED was that the pit was not crowded.. in fact during the 2 opening acts there was barely 30 people in each side.
The opening act was Owl City, who to be honest I dont quite care for, but it could have been worse.  They put on a decent show.  Next up was Neon Tree’s and it felt like a 30 minute 80’s video.  The energy was INTENSE and I do like a few of their songs, so it was entertaining.
During the intermission the pit filled up a bit but still no more then 60 people… which if you have been to a pit is not crowded AT ALL. people could freely walk from one side of the our section of pit to the other.
When they finally came on.. I swear I felt like a 16 yr old girl again.  THERE HE WAS!  HEWASTHISCLOSETOMEICANTBREATHE.
Snapping photo after photo I had to tell myself to enjoy the show ( and let Josh take the photos, hahah)
The setlist I had found out earlier so it wasn’t a surprise to me at all and there are a few songs I would rather have heard but it kept the flow going very well.
Makes me wonder
Lucky strike
Sunday morning
If I never see your face again
Wipe your eyes
I wont go home without you
Harder to breathe
Wake up call
One more night
Love Somebody
This Love
Stereo Hearts
She will be loved
Moves like Jagger

If I had to choose, I enjoyed the Harder to Breathe into Wake up Call set as well as Lucky Strike and Sunday Morning.  Adam puts his HEART and SOUL into every song, as is evident by the photos.   He really makes an effort to engage the crowd and since LA was his hometown and he is a HUGE Lakers fan, being at the Staples Center was a highlight for him.
He does not reach into the crowd at all, which I can understand.  He does make eye contact with people in the pit area and even pointed at a few younger girls super excited and who had signs.  At one point he did high 5 a very small girl on her dad’s shoulders ( which was actually a non no) but that was AWESOME she was soooooo happy.
At one point Adam dropped one of his guitar picks and it sat there right in front of me.. but we had been warned not to touch the stage or stand on the rail and I didn’t want to get kicked out.  Then the video guy who was pretty much in our area all night getting the images shown on the large screens.. grabbed it and handed it to me.  YES! It’s the silly things in life right?

The stage is split into 3 sections for the M and it even had a bridge that came down which connect to a square stage in the middle of the floor. This is where he did 3 of the encore songs.. which was a bit of a bad view since we were all then behind him BUT great for the other audience who got a close up view also.
For Payphone they had pre-recorded Wiz Khalifa’s part and integrated it with the stage show which was awesome!  I really enjoyed that.   I only knew who Rozzi Crane was from the Hunger Games soundtrack song, but she was there to come out on Wake Up Call and Moves Like Jagger…I dont know if it was needed but hey.  What I was really hoping for was Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes to make a surprise appearance for Stereo hearts since its my sisters fav song… but no..   But I still sent a voice memo of it so she could hear which i have one at all 3 shows!

I think we got some AMAZING images with not only the Panasonic Lumix we brought but with our iphones also.
So, enjoy the photos below!!!! I certainly smile I every time I see them again!

Maroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam LevineMaroon 5 Staples Center- Adam Levine
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I’d love to know what YOUR favorite Maroon 5 song is… leave me a comment below telling me.


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