Who Doesn’t like Holiday Giveaways??

Who Doesn’t like Holiday Giveaways??

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Who doesn’t love a Holiday giveaway?  This is the time of year where kids write out their lists to Santa, where we wish for this and that.
Sometimes the spirit of the holidays gets lost in all that.  The Spirit of the Holidays is different from person to person.  As my dad said, “Here’s the deal, whether it be a Menorah or a Christmas tree, it’s what makes you smile when you get home, faith is something I get from the people I love in my life” and you know what, that is so true.

I wish for a lot this year, mainly for Josh to find a job ( for those that don’t know he was laid off in July), for my kids to be happy and healthy and for Santa to drop a Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens, an Apple Ipad and a pair of Purple Ugg’s on my porch (size 10 just in case).

So in the spirit of the Holidays, I want to know:
What is your biggest most extravagant wish?
What is your smallest wish?
What would you give to to someone else and why?

We have a  lovely little Holiday gift to share with someone , and will pick ( randomly of course) someone to gift it to!
Leave your comments below and a winner will be chosen on December  13th!

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