Flip Video fun for Jasmine Star Creative Live entry

Flip Video fun for Jasmine Star Creative Live entry

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We have been wanting to make and upload some videos of us for quite a while now. It all started a while back when we won a Flip VideoCamera at a local photographers networking group (Seattle PUG) from Aaron Blank and Lacey Yantis of Visions of Romance. We were really excited to start shooting video and using that to show off what makes us unique. But, we ran into issues on the editing side and weren’t really happy with the end products we were putting out. This all changed about a month ago when we got our first Mac (a 27″ Apple iMac to be exact). It has some VERY user friendly video editing software on it. Then we got busy gearing up for WPPI and never got around to making our videos. Fast-forward to last night… Emma recorded some HILARIOUS footage for a submission for a CreativeLive workshop being run by Jasmine Star. We sat down to edit it down and decided it was still missing something… ME! So I added in a bit of footage and there it was… our first video.


This could be the beginning of something new for us that we have been wanting to do for quite a while. It was also VERY obvious to us that we are photographers, not videographers and we need someone else to do a promo video for our site. (another thing we have been wanting for awhile now) Hopefully, we will have something amazing done this year by 2 Duce 2 Videography. We LOVE their style.


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