That was an unintentional blog hiatus-oops
Thousand Oaks Engagement Photos

That was an unintentional blog hiatus-oops

That was an unintentional blog hiatus-oops

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Thousand Oaks Engagement Photos

Sometimes life happens, and you totally get started working on a laundry list of off season projects and you just plan on blogging but you don’t.   We are here, we are working, we are shooting, but sadly and with a huge sad panda face we admit we have neglected the blog.

We have done a few engagement sessions since February and also the huge Alice in Wonderland Styled shoot.   We have also been working on a brand new website and blog and getting close to being able to launch those.    I realize that often time a lapse in blog posting leads people to believe you don’t care, don’t have work, or many other reasons.. but I am here to assure you this is simply UNTRUE. S*** happens right?

So while we work on a few new blog posts for you, here are just a sample of some of the Engagement Photos we have taken in Ventura County, San Diego as well as Disneyland.

We accept a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that all of our clients get an amazing experience with us. If you are looking for husband and wife wedding photographers to capture those real moments, we would love to sit down and chat.

Contact us today to learn more and let's get this party started! 

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