Karima & Parfait | Santa Barbara Engagement Photographer

Karima & Parfait | Santa Barbara Engagement Photographer

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She was stressing over her finals and the printer at Portland State University Library was not helping at all. Overworked from all the last minute papers, the printer was completely inoperable. So, she sought help from the guy working the IT help desk.  Then, a couple days later, she saw him again at the local coffee shop. He approached her and did the one thing most guys dread… he asked for her number. But, he was creative with it, and maybe that’s why it worked. With his phone in his hand, scrolling through his phone book, he stated matter of factly, “I don’t think I have your number.” Of course not, she hadn’t given it to him! But it worked… he got her number and they began dating.

We met up with Karima and Parfait for a delicious breakfast at Mother’s Bistro and then headed into the streets of Downtown Portland.

Throughout their relationship they spent lots of time strolling through the Parks Blocks near the PSU campus and it was uplifting to hear all their stories, as they toured us around the city where they fell in love.


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