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The engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases in a couple’s lives.  Not only does it mark the transition of their relationship, but it is usually one of the first big financial decisions as well. With so much significance, we love to capture some photos of the entire wedding ring set.  It is […]

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Ventura County Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are often overlooked.  Some people don’t think they are important.  Not only can you get some great pictures, but they are often the first professional photos of you two together! Beyond that, we love them because it gives us a chance to get to know our couple.  Each of these photos reminds me of […]

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Unique Wedding Ring Photos- Ventura County Wedding Photographers

Emma loves ring shots.  Personally, I think she just likes looking at the shiny diamonds  and getting creative!  After all, what girl out there doesn’t appreciate staring at sparkly things like wedding ring bling.  Luckily, being a Ventura county wedding photographer, Emma gets to have fun with rings quite often and doesn’t feel the need to […]

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Wedding Ring Shots

Unique Wedding Ring photos are all the rage.  I know for me personally I enjoy taking the time to photograph the rings in a special way, often using items that have special meaning for the couple. So take a look below at some of the creative ways we have used wedding day items to create art ( […]

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