We got married in 2004 at The Castaway in Burbank. The day was full of happiness and excitement. The photos however, lacked in quality. The experience was forgettable. If only we knew then, what we know now! This is just one of the reasons why we go above and beyond to provide an exceptional photography experience. It's more than just showing up and taking photos. It's creating a real connection with you. We want to get to know who you are as a couple. We want you to be able to trust us, feel at ease with us, and be able to say" I'd totally hang out with them."  

We know how important the entire is day is to you.  While we love the romantic and fun couples photos, and of course those special moments during the ceremony, what's important to us is the  celebration with you, your family, and friends.  Being able to relive those memories through our photos, is something we take great pride in.

Read more about us below and if we sound like a photography team you would want to hang with, be sure to get in touch.

We're Emma + Josh!

hey friends!

A Sweets Loving, Starbucks going Dynamic Duo

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emma + Josh's favorite things

Our Pup Daisy


Singing along as a family

Hiking in Yosemite

Hawaiian beaches

We love guessing who!

Air Force Baby born in Idaho, raised in So. Cal
(In the 11th month, close enough)
UCSB Gaucho all the way... still paying for it
Can't bend it like Beckham, but played soccer for 14 years
Acoustic music is where it's at... Coffeehouse anyone?
Whether I'm on the beach in Oahu, or hiking in Yosemite... I am an avid outdoorsman
I am a Podcast Junkie, how many is too many?
Lover of almost all sports, but F1 is my fav
Lived in Seattle for 6 years, Los Angeles is home



London born with Los Angeles blood
I want to retire to a tiny house in Kailua, Oahu
I could listen to Maroon 5 all day
Malibu Bay Breeze is my go to drink
My favorite color is purple (if you couldn't tell)
Me, and both my kids were born on an 11th
(April, May, October)
I have a wicked sweet tooth
Guilty pleasure TV show is Vampire Diaries
( Team Stefan)



in Laughter, love and family

We believe:

Our family is important to us.  We love carving out time to go away for the weekend.  We plan big vacations every few years and have gone to Disneyworld, Hawaii and NYC.  We enjoy watching tv together and have the biggest laugh fests when we play games like Exploding kittens.  We know how lucky we are to have this life and dont take it for granted.

in doing anything for the shot

 We believe in letting events happen organically and capturing those real moments.  If that means climbing into a fountain, laying down on grass or frolicking through the sand... we will do our best to capture it all!

in fluffing, creating wind and...

Sometimes you need a little "help" whether it is fluffing the veil, bustling the gown, straightening the boutonniere, we are there for you!
No wind? We will fake it.  Overcast day? We can try to mimic the sunlight.  Dress too big for the bathroom stall... uh you've got bridesmaids for that.  :)

in dating each each other after your married

The thing about hiring a husband and wife team, is that we have been where you are. One of the things we HIGHLY recommend is making sure you still "date" each other.  remember the first few dates, the excitement.. dont let that go!  We love going hiking, to concerts, to movies or even just a nice dinner. We think it's super important!

“I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love.”

~King George "Hamilton"

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